A solid and skilled traineeship is the foundation for the development of leading products – we firmly believe that. As prospective trainees who might be interested, you will find here the entry into a career with future.

In Forchheim - "Center of Excellence" -  we train people to become

Besides your technical skills, good high school results are the requirement here.


In addition, we also train you for the job of

The requirement here is the high school leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife equivalent), advanced technical certificate (Fachhochschulreife equivalent), or university entrance certificate (Abitur equivalent).


In collaboration with Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg, we educate for the degree of

The entry requirement is the university entrance certificate (FOS 13).


The external launch weeks of the trainees are carried out in cooperation with the company con!flex Personal- und Unternehmensentwicklung, in Pottenstein.


Please apply no later than 15.10. of any year, to be taken on in the following year, enclosing your résumé and final school report together with a cover letter.


Infiana Germany

GmbH & Co. KG
Human Resources Department
Zweibrückenstrasse 15-25
91301 Forchheim

(Please only send in a maximum of 2 attachments in Pdf format totaling max. 4 MB)


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